Friday, August 18, 2006

The Aga Saga - Apparently Endless

Our previous assumption (please see "The Aga Saga Continued Even More") seems to have been too conservative. Next month has come and gone, and is about to go again - but Sandy has yet to receive her Aga-package. So she called the store in Santa Fe. The phone was of course not answered by Aga but instead by the jewelry-wearing-Christmas-clerk.

The shop was apparently empty because after telling Sandy that she remembered the order but (surprise!) knew nothing a bout its current status, the j.w.C.c. (whose name turns out to be Rose) talked for some period of time about being raised in the town of Meriden Connecticut, about twenty miles from our present location.

Sandy will be attempting to reach Aga directly on her cell phone number.

The rest of us, old enough to at least have heard the name, are wondering if, based upon her timeliness, Aga should rename her business to "Forever Amber".

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