Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's on his mind...

...as he sits up on his haunches staring vacantly into space for several minutes?

The Buddha Squirrel
calmly contemplates his world -
decides to eat seeds.

Meanwhile on the west coast - "... somewhat fuzzy picture taken by Michelle Wheeler of the 'Buddha Squirrel,' who is known to frequent a San Diego park. The Buddha Squirrel is a figure of squirrel mythology, a rodent of great and terrible power whose appearance signals that the final uprising of squirrelkind is about to begin. When the Buddha Squirrel is sighted, squirrels everywhere begin to file their teeth and sharpen their claws in preparation for war.In case you doubt that this squirrel is something special, I quote this chilling detail from Ms. Wheeler's missive: 'The other squirrels seem to like him so much that they bring HIM food and he never has to move an inch!'"

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