Sunday, June 19, 2011

W. W. T. D.?

On television, watching the army of paddle-wielding marshals silencing the already well-behaved spectators at the U.S. Open Golf Tournament made me think.

Mars and I play golf on a public golf course located in the middle of a public park in an urban city (Hartford, CT.) A tarmac road, partially closed to vehicle traffic, encircles the course coming within twenty feet of the links in several places.

Large numbers of bicyclists, runners, walkers and dog walkers frequent the roadway. Recently one of these pedestrians was carrying on a extremely high volume "conversation" with someone at the receiving end of her highly volatile mobile signal.

The cell phone walker
drops "F bombs" as I tee up.

What would Tiger do?

(Incidentally I hit perhaps my best drive of the day. Maybe I am getting too used to "urban golf".)

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