Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They're Ba-ack!! (At Least for the Day)

The squirrels in our front yard are really quite entertaining – one just took a flying leap and is currently clinging desperately to the suspended cage that successfully protects the sunflower seeds contained within from such airborne assailants and others of its ilk.

However, that hanging cafeteria and the four other (non squirrel proof) diners that Mars and I operate are really intended as BIRD feeders – restaurants for the finches, juncos, cardinals, blue jays, titmice and sparrows that hang out in Connecticut during this cold part of the year, and as additional (multi-colored) amusement for us.

But this has been an unusual winter in our neck of the woods. We had an “unprecedented” snowstorm on Halloween weekend, which (because of the leaves on the trees and resultant falling branches) resulted in a week-plus of electrical outages. Since that late autumn fluke there have been no more frozen flakes, at all – until the first half of this past weekend.

Because of this dearth of winterly precipitation the avifauna were able to find their natural food sources well beyond the time when they normally would have switched over to person-provided provender.

But now, for Saturday only:

Birds are back in town
snow-driven to our feeders –
foul weather friends.

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