Monday, March 25, 2013

Self-referential Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory

Self-reference is when a sentence, idea or formula refers to itself – “This sentence is false.”

It happens in literature and film when an author refers to his work in the context of the work itself – from Monty Python and the Holy Grail “Do you think this scene should have been cut? We were so worried when the boys were writing it, but now, we're glad. It's better than some of the previous scenes, I think...”

And in jokes:

“Anyone who visits a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.”

“We never make misteaks.”

“87.5% of all statistics are made up.”

The Ouroboros, a dragon that continually consumes itself, is used as a symbol for self-reference.

I remember (evidently falsely) that Pet Condensed Milk cans had a label containing an image of a can of Pet Condensed Milk sitting a table, etc – but I couldn’t find proof on the web.

Which leads me to what I call the “Self-referential Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory”:

What if conspiracy theories are just a elaborate conspiracy that “they” fomented  to keep the rest of us distracted from the truth?

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