Friday, June 09, 2006

The Aga Saga Continued

Act IX - The Package. Two weeks and one day after the latest encounter (Act VII) a package arrives at Sandy's home in CT. Inside are two sets of earrings - exactly one-half of the expected order. That's it - no bill, no explanation.

The next day at about 1:30 p.m. New Mexico time, Sandy calls the cell phone number listed for Aga on her business card.

"Hello." says a sleepy sounding voice

"Is this Aga?"

"No this is Angelique." (Aga's sister)

Sandy explains who she is, what she is expecting from Aga and what she received.

Angelique says that she remembers Sandy and knows the story, and then asks "Do you like the jewelry?"

Sandy says that she does but is wondering when the rest of the order will be arriving.

"And there wasn't any bill included." she adds.

Angelique asks again if Sandy likes the jewelry she has received and Sandy assures her once again that she does - BUT...

Angelique says that the rest of the order and the bill will go out tomorrow's mail and says good-bye.

Sandy tells this story to Mars and me at a local restaurant where we are dining before attending a performance at the Hartford Stage Company. Soon thereafter we spend ten-plus minutes getting our tab from the waiter and hostess so that we can be at our play on time. This seems to be becoming a more common occurrence at eating establishments that we frequent. Why is it that the hardest part of a sales transaction is finding out the cost so that you can pay for it?

But the bigger question is, will we soon be seeing a "Dateline NBC" or Nancy Grace special about the mysterious disappearance of an attractive East European jewelry designer and the conspiracy to use her name to fuel the fashion fantasies of several of her female friends? And would it be called the Aga Con?

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