Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aga Redux

In a 10/22/07 comment to my "Santa Fe Style" entry Sherry said "Jim, any more news/stories about the jewelry lady? If memory serves, Mars had bought some amber pieces. Just wondering if the shop/woman/jewelry were still functioning."

A few weeks before Mars, our friend Sandy, and I went to New Mexico a health club colleague taking his first trip out there asked us for some Santa Fe tourist suggestions.

In the shopping section of our "guide" we included "Amber by Aga" - a shop that has been one of Mars' favorites for the past several years. Some of you may remember the "Aga Saga" detailing a good portion of that history. We wanted to include links to the websites of all our recommendations. Everyone except Aga seemed to have one.

We did visit Aga's shop in the main square of Santa Fe. She of course was not there nor was her sister Angelique. Instead a woman of about our age was tending the store. Mars asked if Aga had a booth at the Santa Fe Flea Market. (The upscale bazaar is the place where our son Bram first discovered her and the site of our last personal contact with a member of the Aga conglomerate - in this case her sister who promised Sandy that they would replace, at a charge, one of a pair of Aga earrings that Sandy had lost. It didn't happen.) The sales associate seemed surprised at the question, answered "No" and went on to say that "[she the clerk] had not been to the market in at least seventeen years."

Sandy decided to make a purchase. Mars stayed to watch. I went outside to photograph the flora and fauna of downtown Santa Fe - driven into the more public marketplace by the lack of what it was that gave shopping for amber that unique frisson of excitement.

It was an obvious case of Aga-oraphobia.


Unknown said...

Aga and I came to America together. She is a hard and serious worker and a very honest person who tries to make everyone happy, however hard it seems. I'm in the medical school, but we both started at the flea market in Santa Fe selling amber. Her sister doesn't work for the business, she used to but things change. All my friends and family love Aga and her unique taste in jewelry and fashion. The retail businss is one of the hardest to maintain with th ammount of people going to Santa Fe every summer especially. There is a lot of competition too from the Arabic (Jordanians) and Native Americans and Mexicans who often shop for the Chinese made pieces in Albuquerque and sell as their own (sorry to disappoint). Agas pieces are the finest quality amber from the Batic sea with ral silver made by real artists who are passionate about the jewelry, not by a sweat shop. If you call Aga at the stopre called Amber Collections by Aga she will definatelly take care of everything as long as she knows people are not trying to get everything for free (we had a few like that when we used to work at the flea market:P). I like your style and if you can compose things that don't badmouth people that would probably make more read and make comments on your blog baby:P have fun and I hope you have a good luck getting the best rocks on this planet:)) kiss kiss Lady Iga the best in a bunch:).

Dale said...

My wife and I just met Aga and were quite enamored of her charms. My wife bought a beautiful necklace and heard Aga's amazing story. She treated us quite wonderfully. Kudos to her entrepreneurial spirit. Yes, she is attractive, but quite a nice lady too.