Saturday, October 20, 2007

Santa Fe Style

There was a cartoon poster on the kitchen wall of the casita in which Mars and I stayed during our recent visit to Santa Fe. It showed a woman dressed in western blouse and flowing skirt, bedecked on wrists, waist and neck with large pieces of turquoise and silver jewelry, lying supine on the floor of a southwestern decorated room, unable to get up because of the sheer weight of her adornments. At the bottom of the picture were the words "Another victim of Santa Fe Style."

I actually consider myself an aficionado of this particular southwestern look. I believe that the art of a city is not just on the walls of its museums but also in the style of its citizens. And I am an observational fan of feminine foot ware.

Therefore, as I have done on previous journeys, I spent a portion of my photographic efforts attempting to document that particular aspect of the Santa Fe fashion statement - while at the same time avoiding being arrested for stalking and, more importantly, keeping Mars convinced that my motives were entirely journalistic (something which she allows me to believe that she believes).

Several years ago Mars began purchasing southwestern Native American jewelry decorated with inanimate objects that were worshiped for their supposed magical powers. More recently we have together begun collecting similarly themed small, carved stone images.

Since Mars already has several of her own, and we have even more that we share as a couple, it seems only fair that now I should have my own New Mexico fetish.

At least until we move out here and Mars redefines my idea of Santa Fe Style - and all SHE will need are a squash blossom necklace and a concha belt.

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Sherry said...

Jim, any more news/stories about the jewelry lady? If memory serves, Mars had bought some amber pieces. Just wondering if the shop/woman/jewelry were still functioning.