Wednesday, January 04, 2006

99 words about yard ornaments

Dead, deflated Santas litter the daytime lawns of our town - along with other icons of the season like snowmen, Grinches and the occasional snow globe.

A month or so ago the images of Halloween, most of them orange, lay void of air on the same spots. And before that, the rabbits of Easter.

What do the denizens of the daytime, the children, make of this uninflated carnage?

Will their memories of these holidays be mental photos of surreal plastic puddles - like melting Dali watches?

Or will they remember that when the family was home, the holiday came to life?

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Anonymous said...

you should drive by Judd Road: there is a yard with an assortment of inflatables, those frames outlined by lights - reindeer, angels and the like - and a general hodgepodge of stuff. I wouldn't want their electric bill.
Bah humbug? maybe I just think it's ugly!